Electronic Twinning

This sounds great... eTwinning on a more personal scale. I wonder...
Could this be the next trend in PLN, Personal Learning Networks?


I just received this link. It focuses on Assistive Technology for All...
It is a brilliant link that is both thorough and instructive.
It addresses different modalities, tools and software.
A great resource.

Typing Skills - An Essential 21st Century Skill

I am finding that keyboarding is a necessary skill for students from Grade 2 and up... When students are composing online, I have noticed that they will try to correct each and every keyboarding error; this seems to slow them down considerably.
It appears that finishing the passage and then correcting typos will help to increase speed. In addition, the software identifies spelling errors and typos and pop up menu magically appear with possible correct responses. What could be easier!?!    Accurate voice recognition maybe?

This site(s) has been recommended:

Geography Oriented Activities...

Geo-Literacy activities follow up...

Contemporary Texts...

The Revenge of Geography…

To what extent can geography explain the state of the world?

Are we missing something?

Geo-Literacy?  A new common core curriculum?

Is this at the cutting edge of  multi-disciplinary, multi-modal learning?

“What do you think of when you hear the word literacy? Depending on what you teach, chances are geography is not the first thought that comes to mind. But believe it or not, geography and literacy naturally share many similarities. And you can deepen students’ learning in both geography and literacy when they are integrated in the curriculum…. At National Geographic, we call the ability to make these decisions geographic literacy, or geo-literacy.”

Teaching Emerging Literacy Skills using Touch Screen Technology

Welcome to the most recent posting on FuturingTheClassroom!
View a recently published work by SMART!

SMART Technologies has recently published a paper that I wrote, Teaching Emerging Literacy Skills
To view please visit the Language Arts on the SMART research website.

Learn how Interactive Touch Screen Technology, SMART Notebook software and Reading Recovery inspired methods have helped to make an impact on the acquisition of early literacy skills. This work explores how interactive technologies are supporting the teaching and learning of reading skills. What is the future of interactive touch screen technology? Is there a more intuitive interface between the human and machine? Witness the popularity of the iPhone, iPad or other touch screen devices; no need for a pen, mouse or any other input device. 

Just click on the report: